Strengths and Passions


  • Sales and profits
  • Human resources, positive feedback
  • Organization
  • Task and goal oriented
  • Communications, verbal and written
  • Food testing and product development
  • Computerized food costs and inventory control
  • Recipe writing, technical writing
  • Efficiency of design andefficient work habit training
  • Systems and structures
  • Recruiting, selection and development of leaders and staff
  • Teaching and training. Training trainers. Influencing mentors
  • Philosophy statements and manuals
  • Working with suppliers and custom manufacturers
  • Equipment selection, custom design


  • Recruiting, training, influencing and developing people
  • Food development with accurate costs and accurate labour predictions
  • Foolproof recipes
  • Time and motion studies, efficiency
  • Organization and cleanliness
  • Balanced menu offerings
  • Compact kitchens, intricately organized, efficient work habits
  • Inventory management
  • Kitchen design