Services Offered

Food and Marketing

  • Product development of any kind of cuisine from fast food to large scale food plants to premium dining
  • Menu copy writing, marketing materials, marketing your products to distributors, restaurants or guests
  • Balancing flavours, textures and nutrition in current food products
  • Improve detail and consistency in recipes
  • Outscource high labour products to the appropriate manufacturer; restructure recipes for high volume and high tech plants
  • Fine tuning and marketing of high volume custom or premium food items from manufacturers to distributers and chain end-users
  • Negotiation of one-stop distribution contracts to lower cost of goods and increase ordering efficiency
  • Menu mix, inventory control, purchasing, theoretical versus actual food cost computer programs assessed/upgraded.  Training of your chefs or managers in their use
  • Menu and food production planning to pre-determined price points and food costs
  • Minimizing inventory costs while maximizing food items available
  • Improved ingredient selection at a lower cost
  • Recipe books, cleaning manuals, human resource manuals, opening planning
  • Equipment testing and selection
  • Kitchen design
  • Increased prep kitchen efficiency through time and motion studies and layout changes
  • Quality, Organization, Safety and Cleanliness customized audit forms
  • Training Programs and development plans; training trainers
  • Training management on recruiting and selection
  • Training leaders to develop leaders
  • Develop a kitchen and/or Front-of-House structure & culture
  • Cook, supervisor, chef, middle- and upper-management training, communications upgrading and management restructuring, back- and front-of-house
  • Editing of current and/or creation of new operational and company philosophy documents.  Training of your upper management in writing or editing their own
  • HAACP and Health and Safety Programs