Recipe Writing Example


  • Recipe ingredients staged in groups by letter to encourage gathering into groups and thinking of groups while cooking. This simplifies training and helps cooks assimilate the basics of the recipe more quickly.
  • Numerical procedures follow ingredient grouping, for step by step approach only after assembly and any preliminary procedures such as trimming or blanching are already completed. Great ease of training. Procedures are highly detailed with all utensils identified.
  • Recipe books include a cooking glossary so that basic terms and methods are understood and recipes can be kept streamlined.
  • Cooler products shaded grey so that the eye picks them out easily for more efficient collection of refrigerated ingredients. Dry storage is not highlighted, and should require no trips, as all those products should already be in that cooking station in quantities sufficient for any one day’s preparation.
  • Multiple sizes available for seasonal volume changes or volume differences between individual restaurants in a chain.
  • HACCP critical control points identified.
  • Judgment of texture and color identified first, with cooking times approximate depending on this judgment.  Pictures are used for consistency and to help judgment.
  • Holding times identified.
  • Reference to “On Cooking” Textbook to develop specific and general knowledge of cooking practice and increase professionalism and food theory knowledge in the working kitchen.
  • Number of times to be prepped per week, exact yield including handling slippage and editing date.