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We wouldn’t make a move without Chuck.

Chris Mahony, Mahony and Sons

If your food service organization is truly serious about producing top quality food, and making higher profits: hire Chuck Currie. Chuck has proven that quality and profit are complementary, and he produces both, with passion. Period.

Chuck delivers his vast knowledge of food production, his creative flair, his organizational skills, his energy and enthusiasm, through your staff right to your customers’ table. Each menu he produces is fully integrated from the specified ingredients, to documented preparation and production methods, to kitchens designed around the menu, to thoroughly trained kitchen staff, through to the bottom line of your financial statement.

Chuck works with your people; he will challenge and inspire them, and leave them with all the tools needed to produce consistent, tasteful, quality restaurant meals.

Lawrence Saracuse, General Manager, Royal Colwood Golf Club, Victoria, BC

Take a dash of laughter, a pinch of humility and a generous amount of professionalism and you get one Chuck Currie. Welcome to the sensation known as working with Chuck. In fact, if you could bottle him and put a label on it, it would be an instant “star.”

No need for flashy marketing or gimmicks, Chuck is the “real deal!” Chuck’s expertise is only surpassed by his passion and from our team at Pane e Dolce, we can only say, “Don’t let go of Chuck, if you are so lucky to work with him!” Follow his lead and you can become a leader.

Evelyn Moi & Ray Kisun, Principals, Pane e Dolce Enterprises Ltd.