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Chuck is one of the most flamboyant and creative chefs that I have ever met. He’s a real people person and his deep passion for food rubs off on everybody around him. Those that have had the opportunity to work with Chuck never forget him. He’s a great teacher and motivator and is extremely talented.

Henry Green Director of Purchasing White Spot Hospitality

Recently we received two Alberta Restaurant Association best menu awards, and outstanding reviews about the food in our restaurants, and a great deal of the credit was due to Chuck. His conscientious attention to detail and quality of product were a determining factor in the success of two of our brands.

Steve MacIntyre, Executive VP Operations, Controlled Foods International

We could never have accomplished what we did without Chuck’s experience, coaching and passion.

Warren Erhart, President, White Spot Hospitality

Chuck is highly organized and systems-oriented.  He champions sales and profits and achieves great results.  He is a master of supplier relations and custom product outsourcing, kitchen design, recipe balancing and is a dedicated and resourceful trainer.  He is a concise and accurate technical writer and a persuasive and fluent writer of business “culture and philosophy” documents.  He is an efficiency expert who can design menus, kitchens and training programs to suit any concept.  He has a natural touch with people and is an inspiration to management and staff alike.

Stan Fuller, President & CEO, Earl’s Restaurants