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Chuck Currie’s programs are so modern and effective that other apprenticeship and training systems appear to be something reenacted for the benefit of tourists in an historical amusement park.

 Olivier Schittecatte Program Manager BC Apprenticeship Board

Chuck’s success comes from his ability to balance the needs of marketing, operations, purchasing, and product development while primarily focusing on the experience of the guest. Chuck has the expertise necessary to simplify complex tasks without falling into the trap of oversimplification. It takes years of experience to know what to pay attention to, but perhaps even more important, what to ignore.

Brad Brooks. Director of Sales and Marketing, Marginthink Restaurant Profit Management Ltd.


I first met Chuck Currie over 20 years ago when he was Executive Chef for Earl’s Restaurants. Earl’s was a newly developing Vancouver based chain which Chuck was instrumental in making the premium casual restaurant company in Canada. What first struck me about Chuck was the magical way that he is able to combine his strong work ethic with a natural grace and perpetual good humor. Over the years, I always felt welcome to call on him to draw on his detailed and broad knowledge of the workings and design of commercial food service operations. My questions could vary from what an operator’s performance expectations of a particular piece of equipment to how to solve an equipment operation question for another customer. Time after time, Chef Currie has always proven himself to be a trusted resource that I could rely on. Now that Chuck has launched QFST Consulting, others have the opportunity to avail themselves of his vast expertise and experience in the Commercial Food Service Industry.

Craig West. Craig West Associates represents Garland Commercial Ranges, Frymaster, Merrychef, Ventmaster, US Range, Cleveland Ranges, Delfield, Salvajor.

Chuck thoroughly tests ideas, recipes and systems and makes them easy to implement and follow. He is a visionary who is a whiz at simplifying the big picture and developing it into workable, systematic procedures. Best of all, he is the same open, thoughtful, generous and warm person whether dealing with line cooks or CEO’s.

Wendy Atkinson, President, Simply The Best Training Resources

We have been in the British Columbia Foodservice industry for twenty years. During that time we have been a supplier to Earl’s Restaurants. We believe they have been the leaders in the foodservice multi-unit restaurant segment the entire time. Earl’s commitment to the food, its presentation, and chef training program was unmatched under the helm of Chief Chef Chuck Currie, and his track record as a consultant since leaving Earl’s has been without parallel.

David Terretta, Castle Agencies